It’s Biden For The Win, As Trump Bides Time

As the world congratulates Joe Biden as the US President-elect, one person has elected to not concede yet.

The erstwhile president, Donald Trump, is instead doubling down on his claims made at a White House press conference on Friday morning, that the presidential election has been stolen from him by fraudulent and corrupt electoral processes.

This confronted the television networks, whose job is to report the news, with an acute dilemma.

In an already volatile political atmosphere, do they go on reporting these lies, laced with an undertone of veiled incitement to violence?

Or do they cut away on the grounds that by continuing to broadcast this stuff, they are helping to propagate lies.

A majority decided to cut, as Trump’s campaign decided to not cut their losses and have filed legal challenges.

The Courts are not expected to go against the popular mandate, but with a few weeks to go before the official handover, many believe that Trump is not ready for a quiet goodbye.