Who Is Getting The Vaccine First?

As the world awaits a vaccine, the number of cases going up is a sobering reality in India as in the West.

Governments need to make decisions now so that vaccine allocation can begin as soon as one becomes available.

Is there a plan in place though? Nothing could be worse than a free-for-all of global proportions.

Without a clear plan, valuable time will be lost and governments may be forced into quick decisions that fail to realize the medicine’s full potential. So should governments allow the vaccine to be bought privately or only through public channels, such as a country’s national health service?

In most countries such as India, people can gain preferential access to most medicines by buying them privately. This is a pandemic situation, quite like a war situation, where vital goods in limited supply should be and rationed and inequalities will be exposed and exacerbated.

Planning has been the sore point for all major nations when COVID-19 first broke out. More vigilance is needed come time a solution.



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